Gooseberry Beauty is a Hong Kong based beauty store offering the finest organic skincare, cosmetics and wellbeing products which help enhancing your beauty and health and preserving the natural environment. We are the authorized partner of three premium natural organic skincare brands, MOA, FIG+YARROW and ODYLIQUE. Through partnering with apothecaries around the world who share the same philosophy, we present to you carefully selected natural, organic, pure and safe products which deliver effective results. The products that we carry are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phenoxyethanol, SLS and other nasty chemicals. We are against cruelty to animals so no animal testing are involved in the production of the products we carry.


Our Story

The founder of GB suffered from serious allergic reaction to skincare products containing Phenoxyethanol, a chemical preservative. On her way of searching for the perfect products, she realised the harmful effects of nasty chemicals in personal care products which we are exposed to daily, she started examining the ingredients list of every product before she would put it on her skin. She believes that there are a lot of people out there who have also developed disturbing allergy to various toxic substances in personal care products. Shopping for the right skincare products can be really frustrating for us. It is unfortunate enough to lose money, exposing your body to harmful ingredients is far worse. That is why she decided to set up GB to offer the natural organic and effective products which are safe even for the most sensitive skin.


What is Phenoxyethanol?

Phenoxyethanol is a preservative which is ubiquitous in skincare, cosmetics and personal care products. While Parabens have been blacklisted by many consumers, some manufacturers have turned to Phenoxyethanol as an alternative to make their products look ‘clean’, but in fact this alternative is no less reprehensible than Parabens. FDA warned that Phenoxyethanol can depress the central nervous system and may cause vomiting and diarrhea. EU has restricted the use of Phenoxyethanol as a preservative in cosmetic formulations at a maximum concentration of 1.0%.

Side effects of Phenoxyethanol:

  • Irritation to skin, eyes and lungs
  • Allergic reactions
  • Reproductive damage
  • Depressing nervous system



Skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ which absorbs many substances it come into contact with. Daily exposure to a combination of toxic ingredients found in most personal care products could result in destructive long term effect. Be a sensible consumer and choose what is best for your health.



在 *Gooseberry Beauty*歌詩伯莉美容*這裡你會找到全球最優質的天然有機護膚品、化妝品和健康產品,不但能為你帶來健康美麗,更能減少對自然環境的傷害。我們是三個優質天然有機護膚品牌的授權合作伙伴,他們分別是MOA, FIG+YARROW 及 Odylique。 透過與全球優秀的天然護膚品生產商合作,我們引入天然有機,純淨安全而有效的產品。這些產品不含苯甲酸酯類(Parabens), 石油副產品(Petrochemicals),  苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol), 硫酸月桂酸鈉(SLS) 及其他有害化學物。我們反對殘害動物,這裡的產品在生產過程中絕不經動物測試。



*Gooseberry Beauty*歌詩伯莉美容*的創辦人深受敏感之苦,致敏源是一種化學防腐劑,叫 「苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol)」。在找尋合適自已的產品的過程中,她了解到各種存在於護理產品的有害化學物質對健康的影響,繼而開始仔細研究產品上的成份表,找出有害的化學成份。要找到一些成份全天然的產品,才會考慮選用。她相信很多人有跟她類似的煩惱,對各種化學物質產生過敏反應。對我們來說,選購護膚品可說是一個難題。所以她決心創辦*Gooseberry Beauty*歌詩伯莉美容*,為大家帶來天然有機,純淨安全而有效的產品,即使是最挑剔,最敏感,最脆弱的肌膚也適合使用。


什麼是苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol) ?

苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol) 是一種化學防腐劑,被廣泛應用於各種護膚品,化妝品及個人護理產品等。隨著消費者對產品安全意識提高,一些以往使用苯甲酸酯類(Parabens)作防腐劑的產品逐漸失去市場,生產商便以 苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol) 取代,令產品看起來較安全,但實際上它比苯甲酸酯類(Parabens) 並好不了多少。 美國食物及藥物管理局(FDA)警告苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol) 會抑制中樞神經系統,有可能導致嘔吐和腹瀉。歐盟已限制在美容產品配方中使用苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol) 的濃度不可超過 1%。

苯氧基乙醇(Phenoxyethanol) 的副作用:

  • 刺激皮膚,眼睛,及肺部
  • 過敏反應

  • 對生殖系統造成傷害

  • 抑制中樞神經系統