Fig + Yarrow is a an artisan line of small-batch, handcrafted and organic products from USA. The products are made with raw, organic and wildcrafted ingredients because they offer the greatest purity, the most abundant nutrients and the highest amount of skin improving constituents. The ingredients are harvested responsibly to preserve the natural environment. Fig + Yarrow formulates their products for efficacy and pleasure, this is rested on the belief that anything consumed by the body should be positively experienced on multiple levels and by multiple senses for the greatest benefit. Their formulations most directly benefit the physical and appeal to the sensual but they also positively resonate on levels beyond. This underlying philosophy guides a multi faceted approached inspired by honouring both beauty+substance which is the core value of the line.

Brandy Monique is the founder of Fig + Yarrow. She has studied Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine. Embracing the spiritual bonding between herself and the nature, she perceived that herbalism provided a most nourishing reconnection for her that brought forth so many of those familiar feelings and inspiration. Through Plant Spirit Medicine, she was introduced to communicating with the plant spirits. Brandy also did tremendous amount of research on the efficacy and effects of natural ingredients for physical health and beauty. She created Fig + Yarrow in the hope of combining her interests and skills for the benefit of others.

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Fig + Yarrow 來自美國,是一個限量生產的有機手工護膚品牌。他們採用未經加工,有機及野生採摘的植物作材料,因為這些材料最純淨,帶有最豐富的營養及最大量改善皮膚的要素。這些材料以尊重大自然的方式採摘以保護大自然。 Fig + Yarrow 相信以正面的心情去使用產品,才能達到最佳效果,所以產品的配方,除了能改善肌膚質素,更能帶來多重感官上的提昇,令人獲得美麗的外表之餘更得到喜悅的心情,這也是品牌的核心價值。

Brandy Monique 是 Fig + Yarrow 的創辦人,她修讀草藥學(Herbalism) 和 植物靈性醫學 (Plant Spirit Medicine)。 她自覺與大自然有某種感應,草藥學令她重拾這些熟悉的感覺和啟發,而她從植物靈性醫學了解到與植物的交流。關於天然成份對人體的健康和美麗所帶來的好處,Brandy 亦做了大量研究。她創辦 Fig + Yarrow, 是希望結合興趣與技術去為他人帶來美好。

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