Odylique (formerly known as Essential Care) means “The Power of Nature”. It is a family run business based in Suffolk, England pioneering the natural care for sensitive skin. All of their products are hand made in their Suffolk workshop. With 30-year focus on organic skincare, Odylique has attracted celebrity fans like Elizabeth Hurley, Amanda Seyfried and Jourdan Dunn. Odylique’s philosophy is simple: All ingredients must have therapeutic value, and the product must be a joy to use. This means they use actives - herbs and essential oils - in therapeutic concentrations for optimum benefit. Plant oils must be virgin and cold-pressed so that they have their full antioxidant vitamin-content intact, so as to actively nourish the skin and protect it from premature ageing. Odylique and Essential Care products are free from synthetic chemicals and are all certified to strict Soil Association organic standards. They were one of the first companies to create certified organic cosmetics and follow the precautionary principle to formulate the purest cosmetics possible.


Margaret Weeds founded Odylique with her family in 2003. She began making skin care from natural ingredients over 30 years ago. ‘Conventional’ cosmetics didn’t suit her allergy-prone skin and she was desperate to find a remedy for her family’s eczema problems. She felt there must be a healthier, more effective way to make skin care than using petroleum and artificial additives. She began studying herbs and essential oils in the early 1980s with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and became one of the first members of the International Federation of Aromatherapists in 1985. With qualifications in herbal medicine and aromatherapy, and a passion for the genius of nature, she set about creating truly effective formulations, based only on organic herbs, plant oils and natural active ingredients that were compatible with the most sensitive skin.

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Certification & Awards:

Odylique (前身為 Essential Care) 意思是「自然的力量」。這個由創辦人 Margaret Weeds 一家所經營的全天然有機美容事業位於英國的沙福郡,是製造天然護理產品的先驅。那裡也是他們人手製造所有產品的地方。擁有三十年調製有機護膚品的經驗,Odylique 不止吸引了一眾喜愛有機產品的顧客,更吸引了明星如演員Elizabeth Hurley,Amanda Seyfried 和超模 Jourdan Dunn 等。品牌的哲學很簡單: 所有材料都要有治療作用,而且產品一定要好用。 所以他們使用的草藥和精油都是芳療級的純度以達至最佳治療效果。初榨植物油以冷壓方式提煉以保存藴含的抗氧化維他命,這些成份能滋潤肌膚並防止提早衰老。Odylique 的產品不含合成化學成份,並全部符合 Soil Association (英國有機認證)標準。他們更是首批根據聯合國環境與發展會議的保護環境預警原則製造有機認證護膚品的公司。


Margaret Weeds 在 2003 年成立 Essential Care,早在三十年前她已開始生產天然護膚品。因為傳統的美容產品不適合她敏感的皮膚,亦解決不了家人的濕疹問題,她認為應該有一些更健康,更有效的方法去生產不含石油成份及人造添加劑的護膚品。在1980年,她開始在 National Institute of Medical Herbalists 進修,其後更成為首批 International Federation of Aromatherapists 的會員。獲得草藥學的相關資歷後,Margaret 開展其事業,以有機草藥,植物油及天然活性成份調配出高效而且適合極端敏感皮膚使用的產品。

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